Fraud prevention and AML

Detect and prevent fraud by enriching and analyzing full data sets at rest and streaming in real- time across systems. Build machine learning models that predict cybercrime, money-laundering, and insider threats faster and with near-perfect accuracy.

Screen New Account Applications for Risk of Default

Every day, large retail banks take thousands of applications for new checking and savings accounts. Bankers that accept these applications consult 3rd-party risk scoring services before opening an account. They can (and do) override do-not-open recommendations for applicants with poor banking histories.

Customer Insights

A 360-degree customer view drives down acquisition costs, prevents switching, and increases lifetime value. Deliver contextually relevant experiences, personalized recommendations, and targeted offers by correlating behavior, transaction, and location data.

360° Customer Services

Financial services institutions need to analyze structured and unstructured data about their customers in order to offer optimal service. The MapR Platform helps to understand customers’ needs and to consistently optimize each customer’s experience. Counterparty Risk Analytics

When engaging in a business transaction with another party, the risk of doing business with that party must be considered. The MapR Platform helps to deliver reliable access to data that drive a counterparty risk analytics system.

New Products and Services

Making new products and services available to consumer card holders is an ongoing initiative for banks. With the MapR Platform, credit card companies can gain insights from their data for recommendations and fraud detection.