Analyze call detail records (CDRs)

Telcos perform forensics on dropped calls and poor sound quality, but call detail records flow in at a rate of millions per second. This high volume makes pattern recognition and root cause analysis difficult, and often those need to happen in real-time, with a customer waiting for answers. Delay causes attrition and harms servicing margins. Hortonworks DataFlow (HDF™) can ingest millions of CDRs per second into Hortonworks Data Platform, where Apache™ Storm or Apache Spark™ can process them in real-time to identify troubling patterns. HDP facilitates long-term data retention for root cause analysis, even years after the first issue. This CDR analysis can be used to continuously improve call quality, customer satisfaction and servicing margins.

Customer Churn Analysis

Accurate diagnosis of customer churn and enabling of alerts when a customer exhibits behavior that suggests imminent defection is a critical requirement for telcos. By looking at multiple factors, such as comments on social media and declining usage, along with historical data that show patterns of behavior that suggest churn, companies can predict when a customer is at risk of defecting. The MapR Converged Data Platform helps bring together customer transaction data and communication streams from customers in real-time that can show how customers feel about their service. This is critical for detecting and addressing customer satisfaction issues in real time.

Fraud Detection

CSPs need to protect their customers and their bottom line by proactively detecting fraudulent activities. They can analyze usage data, location-specific data and customer account data in real time to model baseline “normal” behavior. The MapR Converged Data Platform can enable building of predictive models that can flag anomalous phone calls that might indicate theft or hacking, both in business-to-business and business-to-consumer environment.


CSPs can make more accurate and relevant recommendations to customers in real time by analyzing customer call logs, usage and customer satisfaction data combined with social media data to understand customer preferences and behavior. These recommendations can include cross-selling new services, matching pricing plans, or making targeted offers for sports or music enthusiasts. The MapR Converged Data Platform delivers real-time capabilities that enable recommendations to be delivered at just the right time and place.

Network Management/Optimization

Bandwidth demand is growing 60% per year, leaving operators increasingly unable to respond to spikes. With an Cloudera enterprise data hub, gain a real-time view to allocate network resources more efficiently, build predictive capacity models, and adopt a next-best-investment approach.